Track name Track chairs
SC1, Linear and Non-Linear Circuits and Systems Prof. Federico Bizzarri, Italy
Prof. Tommaso Addabbo, Italy
SC2, Analog / Mixed-signal Circuits and Systems Dr. Zeinab Hijazi, Lebanon
Dr. Antonio Aprile, Italy
SC3, RF Circuits and Systems Dr. Raafat Lababidi, France
Dr. Nauman Baig, UK
SC4, Energy Harvesting and Power
Dr. Josep Maria Sanchez Chiva, France
Prof. Sijun Du, the Netherlands
SC5, Biomedical and Bio-inspired Circuits and Systems Dr. Badets Franck, France
Dr. Rupam Das, UK
SC6, EDA/CAD, Test and Reliability Dr. Victor Grimblatt, Chile
Dr Valentino Peluso, Italy
SC7, Digital Circuits and Systems Dr Laurent Fesquet, France
Prof. Sergio Bampi, Brazil
SC8, Microsystems and Embedded Systems Prof. Mustak Erhan Yalcin, Turkey
Dr. José Cano, UK
SC9, Artificial Intelligence in Circuits and Systems Dr. Antoine Frappé, France
Dr. Pietro Ferreira, France
SC10, Sensors and Sensing Systems Prof. Manuel Dominguez-Pumar, Spain
Dr. Ricardo  Carmona-Galan, Spain
SC11,  Signal Image and Video Processing Prof. Vladan Velisavljevic, UK
Dr. Yafan Zhao, UK
Prof. Luciano Agostini, Brazil
SC12, Emerging technologies and Technology trends Dr. Wai-keung Fung, UK
Prof. Cedric Killian, France